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project case study 02

Printer Acquisitions

As the marketing team grew from one person to three and eventually five plus people the service offerings expanded as well, which meant that they needed to acquire more robust equipment to handle increased volumes of print productivity. I was tasked to research and source multi-functional printers (MFP) and print materials that could reduce outsourcing overhead costs and increase departmental profits.


Over the course of two years a mid-sized office printer was purchased and was instantly utilized daily, but it was so successful that demand increased and a second, higher production printer and a cutter were required. The department’s in-house services increased not only from corporate agents orders but also by the upsurge of corporate operational materials.

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The Journey Begins

  • Department head requested that the team and services expand and directed me to coordinate the training of new staff and aiding their technical transition 

  • Spearheaded the update of the online ordering systems, optimized the data process for populating into templates, created modern feature sheets templates, and trained new admin staff on new systems and software

  • Worked collaboratively with manager to set custom marketing services and turn-key product pricing list

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01  continued...

  • Reviewed and evaluated existing office equipment to its viability within the new departmental system, eventually identified its limitations and then proposed new or upgrade options

  • Coordinated the purchase of new (first) printing equipment

  • Collaborated with team members to formulate a list of 'wants and needs' for proposed new printer

  • Strategize with department head on what additional service offerings can be brought in-house to decrease overhead

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New Acquisition

  • Organized the selling and giving away of outdated equipment

  • Coordinated a meeting with printer sale reps to communicate the needs and budget for the company's requirements

  • Planned the installation of the new printer with our tech department and ensured key people within the department had required access to the printer

  • Due to noticeable and sustained print quality improvements from the new equipment, the department launched the St. Patrick's Day mail-out campaign to test the financial feasibility of the new marketing product and test-run the printer–outcome was successful

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Springboard More Products

  • Award distinction certificates required a new solution due to supply issues from Staples; I spearheaded pre-printing custom certificates (out of house), developed a content population template (to over-print on hardcopy template), then trained and delegated the of certificates to admin staff to amplify the utilization of the new printer

  • My commitment to ensuring the success of the department’s new products and equipment acquisitions, I initiated a cost/profit analysis of the mail-out campaign and suggested any pricing adjustments and the timing campaigns set for the rest of the year

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The Success Illuminates Shortcomings

  • Over a few years and due to the sheer volume of print requirements going through the new printer, I determined it may be advantagous to increase and improve our production equipment

  • Coordinated and listened to concerns and issues the team was experiencing with the current printer and advocated for exploring updating the system

  • Planned meetings with sales reps and negotiated which technical grade of hardware, specialized components (like a cutter and a large capacity tray) department required, price, timeline, delivery and training of new machine.

Parallel Lines
  • Presented a sound decision and proposal to marketing and CFO, and together planned office space and workflow allocations

  • Directed equipment delivery days as well as several training days for the successful onboarding of both the hardware and software of the new systems

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More Growth, More Production

  • Print quality and consistency increased at least 40% from the previous printer which then opened up more product options: like business cards and postcards, multi-page saddle stitched brochures and event tickets, etc

  • Planned and arranged space storage for all new products and supported and improved work flows by implementing consistent material checks and ordering procedures

  • When pre-fab supplies discontinued, I collaborated and strategize with a local company finding a solution that was cost effective and fit within our budget, keeping our material costs nearly the same and protecting our profits

Black and White Building


Black and White Building


Support, Success and ROI!

  • Supported my team daily by aiding and problem solving technical and production issues that occurred

  • Established trusted relationships with suppliers and technicians and then delegated the coordination of material orders and service calls to team members

  • Overall the ROI was worth the purchase of both printers with several projects having both printers running simultaneously efficiently utilizing their strengths

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