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project case study 03

Visual Identity 2020

For several years the company's visual identity relied heavily on what they called the 'field of dreams'—a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds and a lush grassy landscape. I worked with and modified the field of dreams and used it for everything from the corporate brochures to banners and outdoor oversized ads. Even though consistency is key for all marketing, it was time to expand and refresh the brand's visuals.

Originally directed by the marketing manager's vision of the booklet's cover—introducing more white with bright colour blockingI interpreted the 'sample' to fit the company’s branding while modernizing and refreshing the visual aesthetics. The recruiting brochure became the catalyst for all corporate materials moving forward.

Parallel Lines


'Dreaming' in Bright Colour

  • The recruiting brochure needed to have an good first impression, I worked closely with our printer on special finishes while being mindful on the budget. We elevating the company’s marketing material that helped reflect the company as an industry leader 


Inspired New Palette and Assets


  • Previous corporate palette consisted of the corporate blue, a grey and white without any accent colours

  • Added some signature shapes like the hexagon (the square logo as a 'simple cube') and diagonal lines

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Teamwork and Ingenuity

We launched a section within the MyMarketing portal that pulls MLS data into a suite of 4-6 branded social media posts and a printable feature sheet PDF

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines


Seasonal Mailers

  • Co-coordinated researching Canada Post processes for first seasonal mailer.


  • I then trained team on processes and Canada Post requirements, designed cards, sourced resources and printing options, spearheaded and administered data process, and directed team for card assembly and delivery.

  • Compiled a project budget critique for future mailer projects viability.

Parallel Lines
  • Reviewed and negotiated material and equipment purchases to improved co-workers tasks and work flow processes.  


  • Scheduled campaign launchs and announcements, and coordinated production and delivery with the cooperation of the marketing team.

  • ​​Ensured required resources were high quality, readily available and easily accessible. 

Greeting cards Thanksgiving_002.jpg
Seasonal Mailer Anchor
Seasonal Cards mockup_P4JQ5M1.jpg
Parallel Lines


What Else Can Be Streamlined with These Systems?

  • Modernized and optimized the process of generating gala event email invites and charity congratulatory emails (with personalized 'post-able' images) from the programs aforementioned and modified with data merge processes within InDesign reducing the production time by 80%. 

  • Once the updated systems were in place, the marketing team used them for several years, in various applications.  

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Black and White Building

MyMarketing templates

Auto-Populated Post Image Templates



Standard Suites3.jpg
Black and White Building


Black and White Building
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